New feature! (And patreon options)

Hello everyone, I just made a video walking through the new site design and some of the continuing features of, so I won't reiterate all of that here--you can watch it if you want to. At the 27:20 mark, I introduce a new feature (which isn't quite available yet, but will be soon), a new rideboard where users can post rides and sign up for rides. The basic ideas is to create a central spot where people can make a ride and control who is invited, coming, etc., hopefully avoiding the confusion that comes from posting rides to multiple social media spots and so on. 

And then, the second announcement has to do with Patreon. I've made a patreon account (well, two in fact) so that perhaps I can start getting a bit of compensation for the time I put into this site. I've set it up to allow two different ways of contributing. You can either pledge a monthly amount and as a reward you get custom content (hills, rides, etc.), or you can pledge a small amount for each hill I create. (If you pick the second option, be sure to put in a monthly limit!)

So without further ado, here's the video:


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